Non-bank alternatives for business financing – get a loan for your business

There are various sources of non-bank financing that are tailored to the needs of your business project. Discover here the ways of financing for your business. In your business plan you must include a comprehensive financial plan, be clear about the financial sources that you will use to start your business and the types of financing that may be used in the future.

In the same way, if your business is already running, but you need expansion capacity or face a period of stagnation, we explain various types of financing that adapt to most businesses. In order for you to choose the best alternative, we tell you the characteristics that you should consider, what types of financing you have available and what they consist of.

Characteristics of business financing

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It is important that you have clear the following questions:

  • Amount desired. Before selecting a financing source, the first thing you should know is how much money you need.
  • Return term. The second step is to see your ability to return the money, you must estimate a viable term to return the money received.
  • Possibility of having a guarantee. If you can count on a guarantee, you can choose more sources of financing.

Alternative business financing

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More and more companies are turning to non-bank sources of financing. In this way they manage to have diversified financing and reduce dependence on banks. Which translates into lower risk and a more healthy financial portfolio.

Types of non-bank financing

We leave you some of the third-party financing methods most used by businesses.

  • Family, fools and Friends (FFF). This alternative is to receive a financing amount through close people.
  • Business angels. The Business angel, in addition to providing financing, contributions his business knowledge and contacts.
  • Venture capital funds. Financing is received in exchange for participating in the capital of the company.


Business Financing at Capital Lender

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Alternative financing allows you to diversify financial sources. At Capital Lender you can finance yourself through loans or factoring.

Financing through crowdlending

Crowdlending is a financial method through which companies obtain the financing they need in the form of loans through multiple private investors.

At Capital Lender you can get a loan for your business with the following conditions:

  • Interest rate: from 2% per year + Euribor.
  • Amount: You can request a loan from $ 50,000
  • Return term: With a return period of up to 7 years.
  • Guarantee: We have agreements with various Reciprocal Guarantee Societies spread throughout the Spanish territory to facilitate access to credit for Spanish businesses.

Financing through crowdfactoring

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Crowdfactoring is a financial alternative for companies that want to advance the collection of their clients’ bills through private investors who lend their money in exchange for a return.

In Capital Lender you can anticipate your clients’ invoices with the following characteristics:

  • Interest rate: interest rate between 3 and 7% per year
  • Amount: The minimum amount of each invoice is $ 3,000, sometimes you can request lower amounts.
  • Due date: Invoices must have a collection period of up to 120 days for the public sector and up to 180 days for the private sector.

Advantages of financing your business in Capital Lender

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We tell you the benefits for the companies that are financed in Capital Lender

  • No additional products or small print
  • Without consuming CIRBE
  • Fast and easy
  • 100% online

Apply now for your non-bank financing and reduce dependence on the banking system to achieve a strong financial position.