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For a loan in Germany certain conditions must be met. First, the loan seeker needs a permanent employment relationship with a corresponding income. The employment relationship should not be limited, terminated or even during the probationary period. If these conditions are fulfilled, the bank checks the Private credit, but the dream of a loan can quickly burst if there are negative entries in the Private credit. In most cases, these lead to a credit rejection.

Tempting offers promise a loan abroad

Tempting offers promise a loan abroad

Many consumers expect help from foreign banks. The internet is heavily promoting business loans. But what is actually behind it? In fact, it is true that no Private credit is queried. But the banks can afford to pay dearly, because the interest rates for such a loan are much higher than with a conventional installment loan through a bank in Germany.

The conditions for obtaining such a loan are similar to those in Germany. The applicant must have a permanent employment record and be employed in the company for at least one year. Sometimes the affiliation of half a year is accepted. The minimum income must be at a net of 1,100 euros and the permanent residence must be in Germany. In addition, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Many dubious and dubious providers are in the market

Many dubious and dubious providers are in the market

Many consumers meet the above requirements and decide to use these offers for a loan from Switzerland. Unfortunately, many of them fall for dubious offers. But how do you know if an offer is legit or not?

An essential feature of a dubious offer is the prepayment. Many providers of a business loan require advance fees that are not quantified. These are usually collected by cash on delivery. But in the end, consumers do not see their money again and a loan commitment does not even happen. Here are only windy wheelers at work, which exploit the plight of other people shamelessly for themselves. The greed of profit of these operators of such websites knows no borders.

Another indication of a dubious offer is when a representative visit is announced. This is unusual because business loans are brokered through financial service providers, who collect a commission if successful. All formalities are handled via the Internet and by post. A representative visit is not required.

In principle, the banks hedge against a credit commitment with the credit check. Why should foreign banks so lightly handle their money and approve credit in difficult cases? Anyone who deals intensively with this question quickly realizes that there is hardly any scope for serious offers here. Added to this is the excessive calculation of interest. The answer to such offers can only be: Stay away!

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